Solar Thermal Water Heater

downlaodElectroSun solar water heater comes to you with an optional 2 in one benefit: It works on Electricity as well!
ElectroSun Solar Water Heaters are based on the latest technology of All Glass Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) for Maximum Solar Heat Absorption. The loss of heat during night time is also very less due to:
  • Special HYGIN-AL Polyal Laminated Multilayer (PLM) Piping / Plumbing 
  • Thick Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) Insulation in Over Head Stainless Steel Tank

Other key features and advantages of ElectroSun Solar Water Heaters are:
  • 15 to 20 years life
  • Strong mounting structure with long lasting powder coated paint for anti-rust properties
  • Excess initial investment over Electric Geyser is paid back in less than 2 years
  • Eco-friendly application; saves environment by reducing over 1.5 tons of CO2 emission per year
  • Doorstep service during guarantee period
Please read on for more on Working Principles, Benefits, Size Selection and User Guide"

ElectroSun Solar Water Heater - How Does It Work?

In TM Solar Water Heater, there are mainly 3 stages in which water is heated, stored and distributed electro_sun_logo

Collection and Absorption of Heat in Solar Collector

A Solar Collector is made of rows of parallel, double layered evacuated glass tubes. These tubes are made up of Strong 3.3 Highborosilicate Glass and two glass tubes are fused together at one end. In ElectroSun the inner tube is coated with a surface of Copper, SS and Aluminium Nitride (ALN), described as 3 target coating, for better absorption of heat from sun rays. As opposed to 3 target tubes, single target tubes having only ALN coating with lesser heat absorption and retention rate are also used by many cheaper makes in the market. The intervening annular space between the 2 tubes is evacuated so that there is minimal loss of heat due to conduction or convection. As a result, the heat collected from solar energy is retained in the tubes and then used for heating water. Water from the storage tank, to which these evacuated tube collectors are connected, is filled into the inner tube where it gets heated up. Once heated, the water returns to the storage tank due to a phenomenon called Thermo-siphon.

The Principle of Thermo-siphon

How does it workThe concept of Thermo-siphon is quite simple. Everyone knows that any gas or liquid, when heated, goes upwards. A summer night spent in an attic bedroom in a home without air conditioning provides much credence to that theory. In a Solar Water Heater which works on the principle of Thermo-syphon, fresh water at normal temperature flows into the storage tank continuously via an intake pipe located near the bottom or side of the tank.

This water then flows down to the double layer evacuated glass tubes (solar collectors) which are attached to the lower side of the tank. The water while travelling through these evacuated glass tubes gets heated up as mentioned above. The hot water then travels back to the tank due to volumetric expansion and reduction in density. At the same time cooler water with higher density flows into the evacuated tubes. Within the storage tank also, the hot water occupies the upper portion and cold water remains at the bottom. Thus a continuous process of circulation of water starts where cooler water comes into the evacuated tubes and returns to the tank after heating. This process continues till a thermal equilibrium is reached when there is no more temperature difference between the water at the top of the tank and bottom of the tubes. This situation occurs when there is long period of absence of sun rays or there is no use of hot water.

Storage and Distribution of Water

The hot water is stored in a tank which has proper insulation for retaining heat. ElectroSun has a good storage tank with 2 surfaces having adequate thermal insulation between them. The inner tank is made of high quality food grade stainless steel to eliminate possibility of contamination of water. The outer tank is made of Powder Coated steel for better weatherability. Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) is used as the thermal insulation between inner and outer tanks. Some manufacturers use cheaper Rockwool as insulation of the tanks. A proper insulation between 2 surfaces of storage tank is a must for long duration of heat retention of water. This is all the more important because the water which is heated during the day is used the following morning for bathing, cooking etc.

An outlet pipe distributes this heated water from the storage tank to the desired location in the building. It is also important that there is minimal heat loss during this process of distribution. Hence, the piping and plumbing system should be leak proof and heat retaining. Ordinary pipes are not capable of retaining heat unless they are further covered with some form of thermal insulation. The other and smarter choice is to use HYGIN-ALTM Poly-Aluminium Laminated Multilayer (PLM) pipes. These Pipes have an Aluminium tube sandwiched between two polymeric layers of Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) thus rendering excellent heat retaining properties and at the same time having adequate strength and flexibility.

Benefits of ElectroSun Solar Water Heaters

There are many benefits of owning an ElectroSun solar water heater:

A. Economic Benefits

Economics is the foremost consideration. There are various ways one can heat water. It can be by use of electricity or gas or some other fuel or with the help of a natural thermal energy like Solar which is available in abundance. There are 2 kinds of costs involved to put any of these methods
to work: Capital Cost and Running Cost

  • Capital Cost
    This is the cost of buying the equipment and its installation. This is a onetime cost for a long period of time. An ElectroSun Solar Water Heater costs higher than an Electric Water Heater if you are considering installation for use in only one bathroom. However, this difference becomes much lesser if the installation is for hot water use in multiple locations in the house like bathrooms, kitchens etc.
  • Running cost
    This is a recurring cost which is applicable for all other forms of heating except Solar. In fact, the savings generated by using solar energy is so much that the capital cost of an ElectroSun explained above is recovered in very short time. The savings will depend on the amount of usage

of hot water, temperature of water used, ambient temperature, cost of electricity / gas and also availability of sunlight. Research shows that an average household with an electric water heater spends about 25% of its home energy costs on heating water.

A simple rule to remember is that 1 litre of water needs 1kCal heat to raise its temperature by 1°C. This is equivalent to using 0.001163 KWH of electrical energy (1KWH = 1 unit). Hence, an 80 Litres per day ElectroSun which has the capacity to heat 80 litres of water from an ambient temperature of say 25°C to 80°C can actually save 80X(80-25)X0.001163 = 5.12 units of electricity per day. If you consider a cost of Rs.5 per unit the savings works out to Rs.25.6 per day or Rs.9300 per year!

Hence, it makes economic sense to think beyond the initial purchase price and consider lifetime energy costs or how much you will spend on energy to use the appliance over its lifetime.

Please contact us for a customised calculation of savings for your specific needs and corresponding payback.

B. Long-Term Benefits

ElectroSun offers long-term benefits that go beyond simple economics. In addition to having free hot water after the system has paid for itself in reduced utility bills, you and your family will be cushioned from future fuel / electricity shortages. In addition, they provide insurance against future energy price increases. You will also be doing your part to reduce our dependence on scarce fuel supply.

C. Independence from Power / Gas Supply

Since Solar Energy is available in abundance and freely, you need not depend on supply of electricity or gas. The only thing you will need is an open shadow free space for installation of ElectroSun.

D. 2 in one Benefit

The 2 in one benefit of ElectroSun allows you to switch on the backup heater during rainy days or even at night. In case of sudden higher requirement of hot water, this optional backup heater comes in handy.

E. Flexibility of Multiple Connections

Unlike an Electric Geyser, which normally cannot be connected to multiple points, the outlet from the ElectroSun can be connected to multiple locations in the house like bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines, dish washers, wash basins etc.

F. Environmental Benefits

ElectroSun do not pollute. By investing in one, you will be avoiding carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and the other air pollution and wastes created when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to heat your household water. When a solar water heater replaces an electric water heater, the electricity displaced over 20 years represents more than 50 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions alone. Carbon dioxide traps heat in the upper atmosphere, thus contributing to the "greenhouse effect."

Install ElectroSun Solar Water Heater for a Bright Future

ElectroSun Garam Pani Sabke Liye

Size Selection of ElectroSun Solar Water Heater

The size of ElectroSun will depend on many factors like number of family members, amount of hot water required, use of hot water in bathroom, kitchen and other areas, environmental conditions etc. For a pure bathing use, the following guidelines can be followed:

Normally, a continuous 5 minutes shower uses around 40 litres of water at approximately 40 to 45°C. Assuming the water temperature of to be app. 80°C and ambient temperature ElectroSun to be app. 25°C, it translates to a 40:60 mixing ratio of hot and cold water. Hence, only 16 litres of hot water at 80°C is required from ElectroSun for each bath. Considering some wastage and transit heat loss, one can assume 25 to 30 litres of hot water requirement per person per bath in a family.

Please contact us for a site inspection and more appropriate assessment of your requirement

User Guide for ElectroSun Solar Water Heater

  • Please ensure that when water is filled in the ElectroSun water tank for the first time, the Evacuated Tubes are in cold condition.
  • Please allow some flow of stagnated water in pipeline before getting hot water in the shower / tap. 
  • Please remember that there will be greater loss of heat if the outlet of ElectroSun solar water heater is connected to the Electric Geyser in your home due to mixing with larger amount of cold water in the geyser before it reaches the tap.
  • Please ensure that only clean water free from any dirt or foreign particles is allowed to enter the ElectroSun tank through the inlet. If the quality of water is poor, a suitable filter should be installed before the inlet.
  • If you wish to have hot water without any loss of heat, you may temporarily close the ElectroSun tank inlet to stop mixing of cold water with hot water in the tank.
  • Do not allow the ElectroSun tank to remain empty when the Evacuated Tubes are exposed to sunlight. This will avoid generation of excessive heat which may damage the tubes and seals.
  • Air vent pipe must be kept free from any blockage for proper flow of water to your home. If the air vent is partially or fully blocked there will be reduced or no water flow at all.
  • If the use of hot water is low or when water is not used for long periods of consecutive sunny days, air vent should be left open for evaporation and release of pressure inside the ElectroSun tank. The evacuated tubes may also be covered from sunlight or put under shade.
  • Check the electrical wiring, protective devices, fuse and proper earthing of electric heater before use. It is extremely important to check these items periodically for safety of people and also the system.
  • Switch on the backup electric heater only when there is water in the tank. Please switch off the backup electric heater after use to avoid excessive heating and damage to the system
  • In extreme cold places with possibilities of snow fall and water freezing, ElectroSun tank should be emptied if there is no sunlight to avoid freezing of water and damage to ElectroSun tank and tubes.
  • In case of non-pressurised ElectroSun solar water heater system, the main storage tank supplying water to ElectroSun water tank should be within a height of 10 feet from the ElectroSun tank. Otherwise, a separate tank will be required to be installed just above the ElectroSun tank for feeding water.
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