Solar Street Lighting System


ElectroSun Solar LED Street Lights are ideal choice for most economical illumination of common areas in housing societies, industrial and commercial complexes, roads and highways. Depending on the nature of application, we have appropriate solutions to offer. Apart from a set of standard street lighting models, we also have customized solutions for non-standard requirements.

Solar Street Lights can be installed either in standalone configuration where solar panel and battery are fixed on the pole itself; or they can be a centralized lighting system feeding battery stored solar energy to the lights in each pole. In centralized system, the solar panels, batteries and inverter are located at a central place.

These street lights are available with automatic dusk to dawn operation

Comparison Between Stand Alone and Centralised Solar Powered Street Lights

Sr. No. Features Stand Alone DC Solar Powered Street Lights Centralised AC off grid Solar Powered Street lights
1 LED Lamps DC lamps, not available easily AC Lamps, easily available in the market
2 Battery and Solar Panels Individual, dedicated for each light Common battery bank and solar panels as shared resource for all lights
3 Solar Inverter Not required, only charge controller required Required with charge controller for converting DC power to AC
4 Cabling DC cabling only within pole. No cabling between poles necessary. Total cable cost comparatively less AC cabling within pole and also between poles. DC Cabling only at central plant
5 Electricity Board Power Not usable, since DC Usable through Solar Inverter placed at the central location
6 For rainy season High battery backup required Normal battery backup due to availability of utility power
7 Effect of shadow from trees and other tall structures Each pole must have shadow free top. May be difficult in many places. Even trees may grow later to block the sun light The solar panels can be installed centrally at a carefully selected shadow free location. Poles can be anywhere as per requirement and convenience
8 Maintenance Higher due to batteries and panels at multiple locations Easy due to centralized power supply system
9 Total Cost Normally higher Normally lower, Considerably lower for high total wattage
10 Suitable for
  1. Remote areas with high distance between poles
  2. Locations without electricity
  3. Sites where cabling between poles is difficult
  4. Number of street lights or total power requirement is less
  5. Areas with no problem of shading due to trees / high rises
  1. Higher total power requirement
  2. Cabling between poles is easy or existing
  3. Higher autonomy during rainy days due to availability of / battery charging by utility power
  4. Usage of power for other purposes also
  5. Conversion of street lights from existing utility power to solar power
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