PLM Pipes

downlaodIt is an unique concept that gave birth of Polyal Laminated Multilayer (PLM) Piping System. The following features of this piping system are important to note:
  • Polymer has Superior Thermal Properties
  • Aluminium has Strength of a metal
  • Lamination of Polymer and Aluminium Combines Thermal Properties with Strength
  • Aluminium works like a Reinforcement to a Polymeric pipe
  • Continuous Extrusion and Lamination helps Production and Storage of Long Lengths

    Hence these pipes have
  • Superior thermal resistance / low heat loss
  • Low friction loss – high water flow
  • Flexibility to take turns & bends and retain shape
  • Very Long Delivery Length in Coil Form
  • Less requirement of fittings – reduced cost of installation and lower chances of leakage

Benefits over Other Conventional Systems


Superior Features of HYGIN-AL

  • Aluminium Layer
    • HYGIN-AL® Pipes have Butt Welding in Aluminium Layer making it very strong to withstand high pressure
    • Thickness of Aluminium Layer is higher in HYGIN-AL® than in ordinary pipes / IS
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene in Place of PE
    • Higher Temperature Withstand Capacity
    • Thermoset Properties
  • Smooth Inner Layer with Transparent / Natural Colour of XLPE Compared to Black PE in Ordinary Pipes
    • No Possibility of Chemical Degradation due to Addition of Colours
  • Choice of Wide Range of Fittings
    • Brass Compression Type
    • Brass Press Type
    • Nylon Compression Type

Constructions of Ordinary Multilayer Pipes in the Market

  • Overlapped Aluminium Instead of Butt Welded – Low Pressure Withstand Capacity
  • Lower Aluminium Thickness – Weak in Construction, Not Strong
  • HDPE used instead of XLPE – Low Temperature Rating
  • Black Inner Layer not Hygienic Enough
  • Non-Uniform Diameter and Thickness of Aluminium Layer – Uneven Pressure Across Periphery

Cost – Benefit: Value for Money



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